The Lost Egg - Story Mechanism

So that new levels and tasks can easily be developed for the game, it was important to make a system that allows developers to set new missions for the player and display the information on the UI.

I made a script called 'StoryManager.cs' which sets up the groundwork for adding new levels and outputting information on the screen.

This script includes an additional class called 'Gameplay1' that has its own parameters for setting up the first level.

Making a new class makes sure the script is very organised since everything for one level can be found in one place. As an added bonus, Unity automatically creates a dropdown in the inspector for the serialized class, so when there are more public variables in the script, it all remains organised.

The public function 'SetTastText' was created to make a way to change the level text and display a satisfying animation and sound when this is done.

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