Narrative Game - Idea

Merge Studios 2.0 is setting out to create and develop a narrative game with a particular focus on the story, and game cutscenes.

To summarise our idea, we want to make a game set in prehistoric times. In this world, there will be both dinosaurs and tribal people. This mix of timelines has been seen before in a game called "ARK: Survival Evolved" where they have mixed timelines and technologies into one world.

The technology in our world will be based on the stone-age era. People in this world use weapons such as crafted spears, stone axes and daggers, and other more advanced weapons and tools like a crossbow, and grappling hook.

We want our story to be deep and emotional. We will focus on storytelling techniques and be inspired by famous movies and shows such as Breaking Bad, The Godfather, and other great shows.

Our team is very comfortable with Unity and we will be using it to create our project. We feel like we have more freedom in the Unity Engine which is why we're choosing this over Unreal Engine.

I am the programmer, therefore, I will primarily focus on creating the video creation tools to use in Unity, and development for the game itself.

We created a prototype of our main character, "Egg Baby" using Blender.

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