9Lives Mobile App - Development Blog #4 - Fantasy

We implemented the fantasy theme. The design for this theme takes some inspiration from "Pyroland" from the Valve game "Team Fortress 2" shown in this video:

The fantasy theme introduces new types of obstacles. The first obvious change is the new round lollypop obstacles:

This gives the player the option to use this obstacle to their advantage as the player might choose to bounce the cat on it to get around other obstacles and it really forces the player to think about where they should aim in order to get a successful throw.

Another new obstacle in this theme is the swinging lollypop (shown at 0:24). This makes the player have to time their shot so they're not hit bit the swinging object and causes some funny moments because of the possibility for the player to be unexpectedly hit.

The swinging is achieved by using a Hinge Joint component and it simply swings using forces calculated by the Rigidbody component.

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