9Lives Mobile App - Development Blog #1 - Setup

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

As the programmer for this project, I started by creating a new project using the 3D Mobile Unity template.

I set up a basic level so that I could develop and test the ball physics.

I created a ball with the appropriate components that would be needed to make the physics of the player ball.

I created a LevelManager class that would handle spawning the player in the level's start position. This position can be adjusted for different levels.

I also used OnDrawGizmos to visualise where the ball would spawn in the editor view.

I created a class called BallPhysics that handles the logic and physics of the ball, and the user input from a mobile device.

Using the Unity Remote 5 tool on my IOS device, I am able to test our game on my iPhone.

The ball is launched in the player's swipe direction. The further the distance is from the start touch position to the touch release position, the ball will launch with more power, giving the player control of where the ball should land.

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