Blockchain Terrain Generation #5 - Caves

I want to give the player more things to do and explore in my world. For this, I will create caves that will both do this, and make more interesting shapes on the surface of the world.

Caves will be made by using another Perlin noise algorithm but will need to be adjusted as it cannot just use typical Perlin noise because it has to be in 3D space rather than 2D.

I created a new scene to test my new algorithm for 3D Perlin noise which works by layering multiple combinations of x, y, and z axis to return a 3D Perlin noise value.

I want my caves to also be adjusted by a seed value so the same cave system would be generated for every unique seed. It is also important to use a seed for consistent terrain generation for when I dive into implementing the blockchain technology where limited information will have to be stored on the blockchain, and just storing a seed will not use much space at all.

The mesh generation code was adjusted, and now caves are implemented into my main scene. These caves have created very interesting and unique shapes in the terrain and I'm really happy with how they have turned out.

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