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Blockchain Terrain Generation #4 - Textures

I decided to learn about adding UVs to my mesh. In Minecraft, the game uses what's called a texture atlas which is an arrangement of images packed onto a single image file which is more efficient than using individual images for each texture, and it makes sense to use this because of my method of mesh generation.

I watched a Brackeys video on how to add colours to a mesh. An important takeaway from this video was that when assigning a value for the texture it needs to be a value from 0 to 1.

This is my current texture atlas. For all of my textures, I am using Photoshop as it is software I am already comfortable using. To achieve this stylistic look, I use the "Add Noise" feature which generates a pixelated image. I change the intensity of pixelation, and colour based on what the object is supposed to be. Finally, I pack the images into one single image to create the texture atlas.

This is how it looks when applied to the mesh.

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