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Blockchain Terrain Generation #1 - The Idea

When working with the Perlin noise algorithm on my previous project, I became very interested in looking at what more I could do with this algorithm. I decided to start working on a new project involving terrain generation using layers of Perlin noise maps to create the effect of a realistic terrain.

For the art style, I want to take inspiration from the game, Minecraft. The style is very simple and has a "Blocky" look due to it being a voxel game.

Mojang, Minecraft 1.18.1

Using the Unity engine, having a lot of different blocks in the scene at the same time will cause the game to lag. I will need to study lots of methods of optimisation in order for the game to run fast. for example, the map must be split into "chunks", and each chunk will be a single mesh that has been programmatically generated. Also, Unity should only draw the face of a block that can be seen by the player.

To take this project further, I want to explore blockchain technology, and how that can be implemented into my project. Right now, there is a lot of speculation and interest in blockchain technology in games, and there are ways for people to digitally own something for a game, or other digital assets. In my project, I want to allow people to own a 200x200 block of procedurally generated land that is an NFT ("Non-fungible token") stored on the blockchain. Ultimately, players will be able to explore and freely build whatever they want in their land.

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